Monday, August 3, 2015

What are the causes of acne and how to control

What are the causes of acne and how to control - Acne begins in adolescence, but not always to the end. All young people when be examined closely enough, some of the effects of acne show with minor, others more serious. The main hormone that causes changes in adolescents is androgens. Under his influence, the sebaceous glands produce more sebum (oil). This then leads to oily skin and a change in the skin flora. Is there an increase in bacteria that cause acne and fungal species cause. Contribute to the development of blockages in the openings of the sebaceous glands as comedones known. These blockages cause pimples and blackheads and acne - if there is an infection of the skin pores.

Acne is not be seen as something that comes with puberty. It has a profound effect on the skin like scars, and should be treated. To clean the skin without detergent should only dry skin call. Moreover, it should be taken as a supplement Acuzine have a quick and effective cure acne from the inside.

In adults, acne is a postponement of youth at work (exposure to chemicals or other skin irritants in the workplace), induced by medications (some medications aggravate acne) or cosmetic acne ,. There are also other factors that can contribute to acne of the family, as well as the frequent use of heavy makeup, frequent activities in the heat and humidity and contact with oily substances backgrounds.

There is nothing we can do, genetics, but you can certainly learn about lifestyle factors to prevent acne. Use thick, greasy creams can also to lead breakouts. People with acne should use products that are formulated for people with oily skin.

Stress is another common aggravating factor for acne. Sleep deprivation is a form of stress in yourself too. And for women, the menstrual cycle can trigger acne. But whatever their stage of life with acne if the acne cream or lotion to show no clear signs, then get Acuzine. Acuzine acne treatment product is No. 1 rate with guaranteed results. It works for adults or teenagers with acne on the face or body. This is a form of natural acne treatment with no side effects and recommended by dermatologists. Fast and effective acne cure from the inside.

Acne treatment at the beginning of the problem is easier to treat, with scars.


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