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Treating Acne Prescription Care Method

Treating Acne Prescription Care Method - It is a known fact that most acne sufferers do not seek professional advice doctor qualified to treat your acne condition. The idea here is to consult a dermatologist, who also serves as dermatologist who you valuable information, advice and tips on how to consult announce to treat your acne.

If your acne condition is moderate and is not serious, then you can go for the kind of drug over-the-counter. But please seek help from a dermatologist if your acne in a difficult position, where he has reached recommend some prescription drugs. However, it is always advisable to go for the prescription method even if your acne is mild, because the prescription method tends to offer much more effective than over-the-counter methods.

There are basically two types of treatments for acne care formulation, ie, antibiotics and ointments. Antibiotics are generally control agent for use against acne, and can be used as a kind of lotion or be used orally. Requirements ointment ingredients like zinc or retinoid.

Tetracycline is the antibiotic most commonly used to treat your acne condition. What is tetracycline kill bacteria that cause acne, and also helps to reduce inflammation, can cause acne. One thing that you know about the antibiotic treatment is that it can take several weeks or months, to see the effect. Not only that, you should consider antibiotic treatment continue, even after your acne has disappeared.

Like other drugs are the side effects of tetracycline antibiotics. The overall sensitivity of the skin to sunlight is increased, leading to severe sunburn, if you stay in the sun for an extended period. Other possible side effects include dizziness and upset stomach.

Antibiotic ointments have fewer complications usually compared to oral antibiotics. They are very useful when it comes to killing bacteria that cause acne. Ointments, when in conjunction with other treatments such as benzoyl peroxide is used, no bacteria can confer resistance to antibiotics.

Derivative of vitamin A, retinoids are used directly on the skin, such as creams or lotions. Retinoid drugs are particularly useful for the treatment of blackheads by opening clogged pores. The only common side effect of retinoid is that you experience dry skin.

If your condition is so severe acne that does not respond to antibiotics, whether or ointments, oral retinoid your next option. What oral retinoid does is make the upper skin peeling, and the coating process more open pores. Retinoids can also use the body to produce excess sebum, an oily substance that is responsible for oily skin.

Retinoids with caution be used because we know that the side effects and serious complications that comes with this type of retinoid. They can cause birth defects if a woman takes during pregnancy. Other complications include depression and liver damage. So if an acne sufferer is the treatment of oral retinoids, medical care and regular monitoring is required to ensure that the side effects and complications are minimized.

If you are not sure about the reliability of over-the-counter medications and always seek the advice of your dermatologist, who can give you recipes reliably, and other tips for caring treatment of the most effective skin for your particular condition acne.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Acne Quick Tips

Quick Acne Tip 1: razor can not shave as close to the skin; However, they help in preventing outbreaks of acne and other skin and best buds.

Quick Acne Tip 2: If a non-electric razor is your choice, a single-edged blade is actually better. Why? Since the double-edged blade and triple enter the hair follicles and burst under the skin. And in the process, your skin "heals" by closing over these holes, making it difficult to grow for future hair follicles outward - creating inflammation in the tight areas.

Quick Tips Acne 3: Clean the face and other areas where they apply all cosmetics day, especially when absorbed in connection with the exercise of other activities to promote sweating, where there is an opportunity for the chemicals or used absorbed into the pores.

Quick Acne Tips 4: Cosmetics - To pore clogging and skin irritations that are similar to acne and can avoid contributing to acne, use products labeled "noncomedogenic" or "oil" Shimmering facial colors can. contain a flaky mineral mica that cause skin irritations and can clog pores. Other additives that can cause similar reactions in coloration, are coal tar derivatives, carmine and cream blush.

Acne Quick Tips 5: More preventive measures include using a lip gloss that promotes a matte finish instead of clogging glossy for less pore; see how the brightness, rather than the comedogenic content and the more clogged pores. Note that eye creams can heavier concentrations of moisturizers than regular creams and lotions contain, means that they have a greater potential to clog pores around the face.

Quick Tips Acne 6: Be careful also included with styling products that contain oils, alcohol and adhesives that are handled by the skin, and penetrates into the pores and sweat during exercise; especially watch hair gels and mousses so they do not become clogged around the scalp. Be careful in the selection of fragrances and fragrance cosmetics, also, and select the option "unscented" if possible to avoid allergic reactions and irritation "hypoallergenic" or the skin (a test sample 3 days in one ear is recommended).

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Causes of Acne

Causes of Acne - Acne is an inflammatory skin disease, the. By certain biological variation pilosebaseous units (skin structures consisting of a hair follicle and sebaceous gland connection) caused skin The most common form of acne is known as "acne vulgaris" usually appears during adolescence known.

Acne caused by excess oil in the human body. Skin glands excessive amount of oil that block the hair follicle by combining naturally with the dead skin cells. Generally, people who eat a lot of fatty foods, suffer from this problem.

Because acne affected parts of the human body. Some of them are the face, arms, and so on to create oil secretions behind the blocked pores an ideal environment for uncontrolled multiplication of bacteria in the skin environment. In response, inflamed skin, causing the visible lesion (acne). Eruption occurred in the body. Face, arms, back and chest are particularly affected by acne.

Some acne lesions are blackish or whitish elevations and / or small pale yellow bumps. More inflamed rashes in the form of tender swelling or red bumps bring like cooking. After solving the points may remain prominent unsightly acne scars.

The acne condition during puberty as a result of an abnormal response to normal levels of the male hormone testosterone reaction usual. Acne occurs when the hormones increase due to excess body fat. However, there is no way to predict how long acne disappear completely or are never repeated again.

Acne affects a large proportion of people at any stage of life. Apart from traces to leave scars, it has psychological effects as a source of stress and depression. Therefore, acne should not be neglected and should be treated with the utmost care and responsibility to ensure a healthy life.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

A permanent cure for acne scars

A permanent cure for acne scars - Ask anyone who has ever suffered from acne what was the least enjoyable part of the whole experience and probably is the most likely answer, that the scars - acne scars that remain long after the acne is gone. If having acne is considered bad, then what about acne scars for several years? If acne scars are what you want to avoid or get rid of, and then presented some tips here ...

Prevention is better than cure

If you are in the early stages of acne, then you can still get a qualified dermatologist who want to consult once to prevent acne worse. Quickly greatly reduce the chances of scarring later get rid of acne. A qualified dermatologist can help you can aggravate your skin type and the specific triggers that acne your help to get rid of acne quickly determine.

What if you already have scars?

Well, if your acne has already progressed beyond the early stage of pimples and blackheads and you now have pimples and scars on your face, then you need to do two things simultaneously - to get rid of, get rid of pimples and acne scars.

Before discussing how to remove acne scars you, you should know ...

Which acne scars?

Acne scars are caused when pimples or inflamed or not completely cure. Acne scars are formed when at least one of the layers of healthy skin hurt. New tissue fibers when the skin is damaged and bleeding, which body forms at the site to heal the wound and to stop bleeding. It is these tissues that may appear as a scar.

So get rid of scars requires that the scar tissue is replaced by healthy tissue by a process or processes.

Always completely free of acne scars that have already formed, depends on two things: 1) the severity of the scarring and 2) the method of treatment that follows. The more severe scarring, more effort and time it may require before the scar fully heal.

Treatments for acne scars

There are several methods to cure acne scars, but very few of them to be very effective in practice. And some methods may have side effects that can be taken into account before starting a program of this kind.

Laser treatment: A carbon dioxide laser burns damaged skin, layer by layer. The penetration depth is controlled. As the outer layers of damaged skin is removed, new skin cells begin to so the healing process begins to form in a few weeks, an area of ​​more youthful skin begins to appear smoother. This is the way the process is to operate, at least in theory. Laser treatment is a relatively new process and you might want to ask your dermatologist about the effectiveness of this method in healing acne scars.

Dermabrasion: This uses a spinning diamond instrument or rotating wire brush down the outer layers of skin that has been damaged to wear. And when the skin begins to heal, younger and smoother skin will replace the old abraded skin. The healing process can take up to three weeks.

Chemical peels for acne scars: Acidic solutions are applied to the skin to peel the damaged layers and apply the new skin which is usually softer forms. Chemical peels range from mild to deep penetration. Although chemical peels can be used at home, it would be desirable to a dermatologist to get it applied.

Punch grafts: More suitable for deep and pitted acne scars, this method is to drill a hole to remove the scar and remove a small piece of intact skin - usually from the area behind the ear - and using it to replace damaged skin.

There are treatments for acne scars. But the question you ask is ...

They Work?
All above treatments seem a moderate success rate have - while they seem to work well for others, some are with these treatments less fortunate. Although these results can be expected with any medical procedure, your face is a very important part of your life and you are absolutely sure that any treatment will be beneficial to the well-being and not want to be different.

If you wish to read other acne treatments that seem to work well, you can see how to get rid of acne marks.

Friday, August 7, 2015

The truth about the stubborn acne

The truth about the stubborn acne - Have you ever washed your face more than twice a day to clear your skin? Do you avoid chocolate and fatty foods, in the hope that when you look in the mirror, you will not see elsewhere? Have you ever drank more water, or avoided or increased your exercise to acne outbreaks to prevent? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are not alone.

Acne is a disease of the most common skin disease that affects nearly 85 percent of people. While the number of effective treatments for acne is growing, the number of myths taking about how to fight the disease.

"Although new acne treatments are developed every day, a cure for acne has not yet been discovered. Therefore, many patients choose to treat themselves or experiment with unconventional treatments," said one doctor. "No, but many of these treatments are based on anecdotal observations and was not consistently studied by science. The study shows that these myths are still affecting how patients care for their acne."

Myth: lack of hygiene aggravates acne
Wash the relationship between facial acne and is widely misunderstood always been, and most people who believe that dirt and poor hygiene contribute to acne. In fact, a recent study from Stanford University conducted the participants asked what they thought aggravate acne, and the majority, 91 percent, mentioned poor hygiene. "If a patient believes that dirty skin causes acne, they logically conclude that washing your face more often will improve their acne," said one doctor. "But dermatologists caution patients against washing too often as the resulting irritation can make your acne worse."

In order to determine the scientific validity of this myth have been the effects of acne face wash on recently at the University of Stanford studied. A group of twenty-four men, wash your face twice daily for two weeks with an over-the-counter mild facial cleanser. The participants were selected randomly to provide washing either one, two or four times a day for six weeks. The study found that either one does not significantly affect washing the face, twice or four times a day the appearance or condition of acne, and found that the positive effects of increased facial cleansing are minimal at best. Dermatologists continue to recommend washing your face twice a day to maintain overall good health of the skin.

Myth: Exercise can eliminate acne or exercise may worsen acne

The relationship between acne and exercise continues to show high variability. Some believe that exercise and sweating can help clean the pores, especially in the chest and back; while others say their skin gets worse when exercising, in particular those that have special equipment that rubs on your skin use.

In another study from Stanford University conducted in patients with acne has been found that exercise-induced sweat have no positive or important in the chest and back acne negative impact. Twenty-three male participants were divided into three groups: no exercise, regular exercise

followed by immediate shower and regular exercise followed by delayed showering. The number of acne lesions on the chest and back were counted over a period of two weeks, no difference between the three groups was not observed. "Based on the results of the study can be promoted regular exercise for patients with acne," Dr. Boer Kimball said. "But they should avoid tight clothing and equipment. If necessary, sealing equipment should be cleaned regularly."

Other Acne Myths
Many misconceptions about facial hygiene and exercise are still the most commonly recognized acne beliefs, the Stanford study also found that respondents believed that poor diet and reduced sleep negatively affect acne. In addition, more than 80 percent of participants believed that increased stress, touching the face and popping pimples exacerbated the situation. Among the participants, men and women who have found only differences that more women believed that increased stress can worsen acne and that drinking more water would improve the quality of your skin. The study also found that some beliefs that were previously popular about acne were no longer viewed as true, including the idea that tanning improves the appearance of acne.

"What this study and these studies have shown that there are still significant differences between the means popular belief and scientific support, but that, as patients try not to change your acne care," said one doctor. "It is important for everyone who has been affected by acne can take the help of a dermatologist diagnose and offer treatment options that are especially effective for combating skin type of the patient on the disease to seek."

Headquartered in Schaumburg, Ill., The American Academy of Dermatology (Academy), founded in 1938, is the representative of the largest, most influential, and most of all dermatologic associations. With a staff of more than 14,000 physicians worldwide, the Academy is committed to: advancing the diagnosis and medical skin, cosmetic surgery, hair and nails; Advocating high standards in practice, education and research in dermatology clinic; and supporting and enhancing patient care for a lifetime of healthy skin, hair and nails.

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The effects of acne

Social ImpactMany acne sufferers tend to isolate themselves from society and purposely chose not to socialize with friends. Why? Because acne sufferers are plagued with feelings of shame and depression have a poor body image. What to frustration, anger and severe depression. This may have negative psychological effects have devastating effects on the social life of a person, which in turn further advises survival social, scientific, and even in the labor force. Depression caused by acne can lead to low self-esteem, what sufferers lose intentionally dates, social events, classes, job interviews and even work.

Psychological effect
Although acne is not considered a danger to the life disorder, its psychological effects can be very deep acne affects the most visible parts of the body. The psychological effects of acne have uncovered only in recent years. Fact: The psychological scars caused by acne can last forever, so it is exploring a very important issue. Note that the severity of acne can also be measured by its effect on the emotional and social life of an acne sufferer.

How to help
Now that we have found that acne spots, cysts, etc. It can be very damaging to the psyche, especially during the teenage years, when the formation of an individual undergoing many significant changes, what can be done to accomplish this prevent. After all, it is about dismantling some serious diseases that speak to depressive disorders, academic decline, social isolation, substance abuse and even suicide may result.

What to do? The first step in an acne sufferer must it is, agree with your condition. Have a negative impact on your life because our society judges us by our appearance. The trick is that an acne sufferer does not have to fight this alone. Think "refers acne about 80% of all young people." To those mentioned in the homepage of numbers This means that eight out of ten people around you, or had to deal with acne and its negative social consequences. So do not be shy to inform and involve people who come to avoid permanent contact with the formation of the psychological scars it.

His whole family doctors, teachers, coaches and all should have a better understanding of acne is to have an impact on you. This can be a delicate and difficult task, but you will, as understanding and compassion will be more surprises on your situation. If you feel too shy to bring it into the conversation, and then this site and let you read it on the desktop of your teacher or coach and / or your friends and family. Send them the link to this page. This both stimulate the understanding, support and open communication about something that should not be kept secret. Let people know you like or contact regularly how your acne makes you feel.

You may also want to visit the myths and realities with acne with the people you have chosen or contact to discuss your acne. Make sure they understand that it is not due to poor eating habits, lack of personal hygiene, or anything else that. On the idea that it can cause your fault if you have acne People need to know that acne is not your fault. A supportive family, supportive friends and even a teacher or technical support is your self-esteem to help no end in maintaining. I can not stress this enough.

Support timely and appropriate treatment diet control acne are a must tackle this skin disease.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Top 5 best natural remedies for acne

Top 5 best natural remedies for acne - Grain at some point in their lives make acne one of the most common of all skin diseases "Who would not the dreaded encountered". "Acne is a common eruption of the hair follicles and fat-producing glands skin. Acne is usually found on the face, neck and upper body. Pimples and blackheads are before due to increased hormones during adolescence or in the period and bacterial infections of the woman caused the skin ,

Elimination of waste and toxins through the skin via sweat pores. Therefore, constipation or irregular bowel and worsen the problem in the treatment of acne should be corrected.

Although "best acne treatment" that follows are the five best natural acne treatments that should be considered by anyone looking for an acne solution.

1. The supplements and vitamins for acne treatment

Zinc - 50 mg twice daily. If zinc picolinate is used 50 milligrams taken (because of increased absorption) only once a day.

Vitamin A - 100 000 units per day for two months. Too much Vitamin A is toxic to the liver and should be used under the supervision of a physician. Pregnant women (or women who may become pregnant) should not take more than 10 000 units per day.

Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) - topical gel, applied 4% niacinamide twice daily.
Vitamin B6 - 100 milligrams per day, especially when acne is associated with menstruation.
Vitamin C - 1000 mg 4 times per day. Dose reduced if diarrhea occurs.
Vitamin E - 600 units per day.

Pantothenic acid - 2.5 g four times a day orally. Used in the search, the four to six times per day has been applied with a topical cream, which was 20% of pantothenic acid.

Deodorized garlic, 10-16 capsules per day, depending on the severity of acne and until symptoms improve. All this dose gradually over a period of 3 weeks, 4 capsules per day.

Later, flax oil or evening primrose oil - 2 capsules daily.

Most of these supplements can be taken in a multivitamin and vitamin A and zinc.

2. good diet as an acne solution

Increase fruits and vegetables in your diet. Eat at least two servings of fruit and 1 cup of vegetables per day.

Eliminate sugar and sugary foods because sugar increases the fats that are secreted by the sebaceous glands. These are the glands that are infected with bacteria, when a person acne.

Limit junk food, fatty foods, fried foods and dairy products. These foods are usually aggravate acne.

3 Acne Remedy Herbal

A tea with equal parts of Oregon Grape Root, dandelion root and burdock root are produced. Mix 1 teaspoon of this mixture per cup of boiling water. Cook over low heat 5 minutes, then leave to infuse for 15 minutes. Up to 6 cups a day are taken for 12 days, or less if nausea or stomach upset occurs.

Vitex tea was often considered to be useful, especially when premenstrual symptoms and hormonal imbalances are involved.

4. Physical treatments for acne care
Skin exposure to sunlight and fresh air or light from a tanning lamp, but not enough to burn the skin. Overexposure to tanning lamps may increase the risk of skin cancer.

Products Acne 5. Homeopathic

Silica and Hepar 6C 6C: Every day, 3 granules of silica in the early morning and in the evening and 3 tablets Hepar sulfur lunch and dinner. The granules are dissolved under the tongue.

Note: A wide range of homeopathic medicines can effective solutions for the treatment of acne. A health professional is trained in homeopathic prescribing is usually the best way to select the right drug for acne. "

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Program Laser acne treatment

Program Laser acne treatment - Brought the advancement of laser treatment and technology therapy into the new century and is the recommended treatment for acne scars and acne. In most cases, laser treatment is not covered by insurance and acne can return even after treatment. - More research is needed before laser therapy as a treatment for acne are recommended, according to a study. Other treatments Recent advances in the treatment of acne include light and laser therapy and chemical peels.

Laser therapy is an appealing treatment for acne: no messy creams, no drugs and minimal risk of side effects. Although approved to treat acne scarring, treatment with pulsed dye laser is also used for the treatment of active inflammatory acne vulgaris. We need more research before this laser therapy may be recommended as an acne treatment. "To evaluate the treatment with pulsed dye laser for acne inflammatory vulgarisOctober 2003. objective, the clinical efficacy of the therapy in pulsed dye laser in the treatment of acne, we need more research before this laser therapy may be recommended as a treatment acne Castle The authors of the study..: "More research is needed before this laser therapy may be recommended as an acne treatment."

Previous studies have shown that light therapy and laser treatment can actually improve acne. Successful elimination of dark ink laser treatment after the ruby ​​laser ruby ​​Matching Tattoos for acne scars. Laser treatment program for eliminating acne scars is a little different than acne laser treatment. It produces lighting systems and advanced pulse laser for the treatment of hair removal, leg veins, acne, and removal of pigmented and vascular lesions. Excellent waxing services (infused with a very high quality oil with mint wax stripless), laser hair removal first-class laser treatments for acne and skin rejuvenation. Skin rejuvenation, laser hair removal wrinkle, vein treatment, acne removal, birth hijacking the brand ...

With the laser treatment of acne scars, the focus is on the development of new collagen in the lower layer of the skin. When an acne patient faces pitting or arise deep in the skin acne holes, there is a treatment called laser. This contributes to a better assessment of the skin and acne treatments laser light spectrum more efficiently. The CO2 laser thin layers and tightens the collagen fibers vaporizes skin that is pressed proper treatment for acne scars.

Most methods of acne blemish laser treatment is painless and effective, but also a considerable price. A laser spot treatment of acne, various types of managed laser exposure such as carbon dioxide laser ablative laser or not. The carbon dioxide laser is also known to produce higher pigment for laser treatment of acne standard. one of the best methods to treat acne laser tag. The carbon dioxide laser is also known to produce higher pigment for laser treatment of acne standard. Patients, treatment of acne using laser failure creams to when the procedure numbs the area where the laser beam is applied virtually painless.

V-Beam (pulsed dye laser) is often used to treat acne scars red, stretch marks and keloids, used to thicken the scar tissue. Here you will find information about the laser treatment of acne scars. The Er: YAG should be reserved for cutting the edges of each scar and the treatment of mild acne scars. Scar treatment Another possibility for the use of a laser treatment of acne is one in which the acne scars may be removed.

Treatment with the pulsed dye laser for inflammatory acne: randomized controlled trial. Treatment with the pulsed dye laser for inflammatory acne: randomized controlled trial. Treatment with the pulsed dye laser for inflammatory acne: randomized controlled trial. However, few randomized controlled trials have the value of lasers for treating acne and none show conclusively whether the treatments studied really work.

Monday, August 3, 2015

What are the causes of acne and how to control

What are the causes of acne and how to control - Acne begins in adolescence, but not always to the end. All young people when be examined closely enough, some of the effects of acne show with minor, others more serious. The main hormone that causes changes in adolescents is androgens. Under his influence, the sebaceous glands produce more sebum (oil). This then leads to oily skin and a change in the skin flora. Is there an increase in bacteria that cause acne and fungal species cause. Contribute to the development of blockages in the openings of the sebaceous glands as comedones known. These blockages cause pimples and blackheads and acne - if there is an infection of the skin pores.

Acne is not be seen as something that comes with puberty. It has a profound effect on the skin like scars, and should be treated. To clean the skin without detergent should only dry skin call. Moreover, it should be taken as a supplement Acuzine have a quick and effective cure acne from the inside.

In adults, acne is a postponement of youth at work (exposure to chemicals or other skin irritants in the workplace), induced by medications (some medications aggravate acne) or cosmetic acne ,. There are also other factors that can contribute to acne of the family, as well as the frequent use of heavy makeup, frequent activities in the heat and humidity and contact with oily substances backgrounds.

There is nothing we can do, genetics, but you can certainly learn about lifestyle factors to prevent acne. Use thick, greasy creams can also to lead breakouts. People with acne should use products that are formulated for people with oily skin.

Stress is another common aggravating factor for acne. Sleep deprivation is a form of stress in yourself too. And for women, the menstrual cycle can trigger acne. But whatever their stage of life with acne if the acne cream or lotion to show no clear signs, then get Acuzine. Acuzine acne treatment product is No. 1 rate with guaranteed results. It works for adults or teenagers with acne on the face or body. This is a form of natural acne treatment with no side effects and recommended by dermatologists. Fast and effective acne cure from the inside.

Acne treatment at the beginning of the problem is easier to treat, with scars.

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Acne cure for severe cystic acne

Acne cure for severe cystic acne - Cystic acne is an advanced case of a pimple. Millions of people worldwide have some form of acne or another, but cystic acne is is one of the most serious types. It develops from a regular pimple, pustule known as, with deep roots in the skin itself and form a painful wound as cyst known. These cysts can in size and color ranging from small and large pink and purple dark. In severe cases, multiple cysts on the face and the body can be extremely painful.

While almost everyone is exposed to some form of acne at some point in their lives, cystic acne appears largely to be hereditary. If one of your parents had or has cystic acne, there is one percent greater chance that you will be exposed to some form of it. At first glance, it may be the worst, but cystic acne can also form in other parts of the body. It usually occurs on the chest, legs, neck, shoulders and back. These cysts can be covered by clothing, but be careful: tight clothes can irritate and dry the skin, leading to more painful cysts. It's a good idea to try to wear loose clothing when suffering from body acne.

If a person goes through a cycle of cystic acne that may be desperate for a fast cure times. One of the drugs that are known to be effective for severe cystic acne isotretinoin. It is in the prescription drug Accutane and is a concentrated form of Vitamin A. Although it proved effective in severe cases of acne, Accutane should be used as a last resort due to its side effects. In pregnant women, it is known to cause birth defects and even errors. Women who were prescribed Accutane are required to also prevent two forms of birth control, conception.

If you are a woman, you can create a product that is still effective without so powerful to be considered. Many women have success with deep cleaners such as Neutrogena or Proactiv Solution products with a high content of benzoyl peroxide found a substance that be to serve as safe for pregnant women. Another advantage of trying other products before a dermatologist is the cost, as a doctor can consult often quite expensive. It may be cheaper to a treatment without a prescription worked so well as a resource, find a doctor visit requires.

Whatever you decide, the treatment is best for you, remember that cystic acne can be overcome. There are many treatments available and you will find a better reason to start. Talk to a doctor or dermatologist may be able to point you in the right direction on the way to a clearer complexion be.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Pregnancy and Acne Treatment

Pregnancy and Acne Treatment - Have you ever all that Clearasil or Oxy 10 teenagers free ads seen imperfections completely with a big smile and tell you how you had your perfect complexion the result of using this product? It does not seem that these solutions acne over-the-counter and massively available could be any threat to anyone, but if you are pregnant, you should be aware of some things. There are many acne treatments that use available and safe during pregnancy, many natural and available right in the house. In addition, many manufactured products should avoid during pregnancy.

First, it should be noted that some acne during pregnancy is to be very common in women. During the first quarter, as the body prepares for two to increase hormone levels, which. To an increase in oil production in the body The result is acne breakouts. The good news is that this usually subsides in the second quarter, as the body begins to plateau in hormone levels.

Finding the two most common ingredients in most most acne treatments are benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. It has been tested and benzoyl peroxide has it is safe to use for women during pregnancy. However, it was also found that salicylic acid is taken orally in tablet form, is known to cause birth defects and complicate pregnancy. Women should be careful when choosing a product to be used as a product with benzoyl peroxide often contain salicylic acid.

While topical application of salicylic acid? It has not been shown that birth defects or complications cause during pregnancy, but as a pregnant woman is now taken as a salicylic acid orally known potentially dangerous, do you really think, take this risk? Some acne treatment products, the doctors have pregnant women should avoid are retinoids, oral retinoids and Accutane. Retinoid is a form of vitamin A can cause birth defects in unborn children. There is evidence that topical retinoid intake is harmful, but again, why take the risk?

For the new mother desperately trying to treat your skin, there are a number of safe and natural ways to combat acne. Of course, before women start a new treatment, your doctor or gynecologist. Some of the products that mothers are safe to use topically Echinacea, lavender oil and tea tree oil. But there are things even easier, you can do to control their homes. Keep washing the skin clean with soap and rinse with warm water to take soap residue that may remain and cause block-ups or outbreaks is to do one of the easiest things wash care further. After you wash your face and rinsed to prevent avoid picking or popping spots scarring. It should also be noted that diet plays an important role in the control of acne. At a high level of fruit and vegetables in the diet of women during pregnancy should be continued to help not only for proper growth and development of baby acne, clear, well. Apples and blueberries are high in antioxidants, making them quite good to eat fruit, to make to prevent future outbreaks.

There are also a number of "households" treatments available. A mask of hot oatmeal cooked with no added ingredients and on the face for about 15-20 minutes to begin deleting spots as little as a few days. A lemon that has been cut in half and placed on acne, is another option. Uncooked oatmeal natural, garlic, olive oil, mashed potatoes, and even hot sugar water are ways to combat blemishes and again prevent the formation of new.

So mothers, if you go through this frustrating outbreaks during pregnancy, be patient, try to go of course, eat a healthy diet low-fat foods without preservatives, and stay away produced by all products in five days or less your face delete reach.