Monday, May 4, 2015

Emotions teenage acne

Emotional reactions, acne depends on the severity of symptoms and signs. As we all know the skin with acne deviates from the concept of beauty and especially in adolescent patients can cause embarrassment, low self-esteem, social isolation, guilt, anger and even fear and outright depression. It is noteworthy that more disfigurement accompanying the acne the higher levels of anxiety.

Acne can be a (negative) psychological impact that can lead many teenagers to go negative images of self-realization, to stay with them and affect their beliefs and actions for the rest of their lives.

Parents can be the crucial piece of the puzzle. The sensitivity can help their families young people more self-acceptance and less self-flagellation for alleged misconduct. Parents their children that they are beautiful, precious and special recount provide an important psychological bridge over these turbulent feelings. Under the "Mirror of Time", about the pimples to see - doing some positive self-statements may also help.

In more severe cases, supportive psychotherapy or hypnotherapy can no teenager who is willing to put in time and effort is to benefit. It will be worth it.

Several teenagers suffer from emotional stress and fatigue by simply caused adolescents. Higher concentrations of hormones adrenaline and can result in the increased production of sebum and, ultimately, can clog the pores.

Reported severe acne breakouts even after prolonged sleep deprivation. Beauty sleep is more important than ever, as we know, skin cells are nourished and rejuvenated during sleep.

Exercise can not only increase blood flow and bring more oxygen to the skin - they can also help to calm the mind and emotions of young people with the pain of acne. In addition to plenty of sleep and exercise, relaxation techniques such as breathing exercises, yoga, self-hypnosis, meditation, or listening to soothing music, they have also proven to be effective.

Psychologists who see working with people with teenage acne, many patients in their 20s and 30s with difficult acne problems. It should not be surprising that many of these adults are charged still dealing with adolescent issues such as sexual or professional identity, separation from parents, and his suppressed anger. Psychological help for adults with problems of puberty can really fair skin.


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